Expert Certified Best Deal in Town

Expert Certified Best Deal in Town
Photos by Shea Scott

By Shea Scott

Cheapskate, miser, skinflint, tightwad, penny-pincher, pinchpenny, and scrimper are some great contenders for words to go on my family crest, all rendered superfluous by the last name of Scott. If you're not familiar with the stereotype of the Scots as thrifty beyond what would be considered healthy, let's just say there's a reason Scrooge McDuck plays the bagpipes. So when I wandered over to Feta's Lone Star Greek last Thursday to get a gyro and saw their weekly special, my Highlander DNA started tingling.

The chalkboard claimed "Best Deal in Town". After doing some thorough investigation, I have to agree. You can choose from a Classic Gyro, Hellenic Chicken, Kipos (fried eggplant+grilled veg), Drafthouse Burger, Greek Salad, or Fazoli (falafel) PLUS a "Texas Beer" for $9.99.

I was worried that they were trying to get rid of some NOS cases of Pearl that someone bought at an auction, so I asked, "What do you mean by 'Texas Beer'?" They said it meant anything on the Oak Street Drafthouse menu from a Texas brewery. These are helpfully marked with a blue star and make up about 95% of the options.

I chose a Saint Arnold Grand Prize American Lager and purchased my ticket to take back out to the trailer and order food. Having already tried most of the items listed, I opted for the Drafthouse Burger which comes with mushrooms, bacon, and swiss cheese. The burger for $10 would be a deal in itself, so even a tartan-hearted miser like me couldn't resist dusting off the wallet to part with one of my cherished Hamiltons. After considering the claim of "Best Deal in Town" I thought to myself, "Yes it is laddie, and there can be only one."